Dental Care For Diabetic Patients

Maintenance of oral health is vital to keep dental problems at bay. People with diabetes need to be more careful and ensure that their dental health is well taken care of. Diabetic patients have a greater risk of developing the below mentioned problems:

  • Dry mouth: Diabetes and its medications can lead to issues of dry mouth. This can result in tooth decay, bad breath and various other dental problems.
  • Tooth decay: When bacteria present in the mouth interact with starches and sugars, the development of plaque begins on the surface of the teeth.
  • Oral candidiasis or oral thrush: Those who take antibiotics for diabetes have a risk of developing fungal infections on the inside of mouth and tongue. The fungi flourish on high levels of sugar and saliva leading in the development of oral thrush.
  • Gum disease: People with diabetes have a greater risk of developing problems concerned with gum inflammation like periodontitis and gingivitis.

Tips for dental health care for diabetic patients

  • Regular brushing and dental flossing: Regular brushing of teeth is vital to keep the surface of teeth, inside of mouth and tongue clean so that bacteria do not get a chance to flourish. By making use of dental floss you can ensure that spaces along the line of gums and in-between the teeth do not have any dental debris.
  • Regular dental health check-ups: Regular visits to dentist are essential to ensure that oral health is taken good care of. It is also important that you keep your dentist updated with your current diabetic condition so that suitable measures can be adopted.
  • Monitoring of sugar levels: The levels of blood sugar need to be monitored to make sure that they stay at normal levels. This will diminish the probability of dental problems.

Diabetic patients are quite easily prone to dental problems but good maintenance of dental hygiene and regular check-ups at the dentist can provide relief from the risk of dental complications.


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